Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lismore Lighthouse, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Great postcard from Anu. Private swap. Many thanks.

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  1. Haven't a clue how to contact you eg by email. Have only registered with Google to be able to post a message here. A friend of mine is trying to complete his postacrd collection of Scottish lighthouses and one of the ones he wants is Lismore (must be pre-1960 ... no idea why). Does this one qualify and, if so, what would you want for it? (I don't have a swap except for a bright smile and sincere thank you - I'm sorry if this is inadvertently insulting, but I don't understand the etiquette involved as I'm not a collector). And please could you help me find out where else I should be looking - he needs "Lismore, Oxcars, Out Skerries, Rona, Copinsay, Rattray Head, Sanda, Monach and Eileen Glas". Hope this makes sense. Take care, Nicky.